Why Hire Us

If you need a reliable property manager in the Spokane area, Windermere Property Management can help you. We provide professional property management services including rent collection, regular maintenance, and tenant screening.

When you hire Windermere Property Management, you’ll have more free time to invest in your family, hobbies, and other new ventures or investments. In the meantime, your rental units will receive the best care possible, which will help increase their value.

Finding a suitable management company for your needs is not always easy. You should check that your property manager has a proven track record and enough experience regarding your property type.

The right property management company will remove all the stress of self-managing your rental properties. When you choose to do everything by yourself, you may face more responsibilities than you expect in the beginning.

Here are some of the main challenges that landlords deal with when managing by themselves:

  • Delayed or missed rent payments.
  • Complaints received from the neighbors.
  • Emergencies to respond to, including gas leaks and fires.
  • Violations of the lease agreement.
  • High turnover rate and vacant rental units.
  • Accidental property damage.

These problems can occur at any time, making self-management stressful. Choosing Windermere Property Management will provid you with peace of mind.

We provide service to the areas of Spokane, Airway Heights, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake. We manage many types of properties including, houses, condominium and multi-family properties.

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When you hire Windermere Property Management, we’ll help you with the following services:

Determining the Right Price

Determining the right rental price for your property is crucial to having a successful rental investment. However, self-managing landlords seldom have time to conduct the necessary extensive market research and analysis necessary to determine the right price.

This situation will likely lead to overcharging or undercharging. When you overcharge your tenants, your turnover rate will skyrocket and it may be difficult to find new renters.

Undercharging is a serious issue as well. When your rent price is too low, you will fail to maximize the return on your property investment. You won't reach your peak earning potential.

When you hire Windermere Property Management, we'll conduct the proper research and comparative market analysis. We’ll price your rental units so that you’ll get the best profits without facing lengthy vacancies.

Conducting Tenant Screening

Property owners want to have tenants who respect the lease agreement, take good care of their property, and always pay their rent on time. While there are always risks involved in renting out your property, effective screening procedures minimizes the chance of encountering trouble tenants.

At Windermere Property Management, we have a comprehensive tenant screening process that we follow. This process helps us fill your rental units with only responsible renters.

These are some of the questions we'll answer during the screening:

  • What is the applicant's employment status?
  • Has the applicant faced evictions in the past?
  • Does this applicant have a criminal background?
  • How is their past financial behavior? What is their credit score?

Advertising Your Rental Property

We know that vacancies are a major cause of concern for property investors. When your rental units are empty, you'll have negative cash flow but you’ll still have to deal with expenses.

We have tested many marketing strategies throughout the years. We implement the ones that have shown the best results to fill empty rental units with quality tenants.

Our marketing efforts combine offline and online methods. Among other approaches, we put out visible “For Rent” signs in front of properties and list them on the leading rental websites.

Repairing and Maintaining As Necessary

We will ensure that your rental property is in the best condition at all times. One of the ways to achieve this is by performing inspections on a regular basis. We also perform move-in and move-out inspections.

When your Spokane rental property needs repairs, our network of established and reputable contractors will step in and help. We rely on professionals who can offer competitive prices due to our steady provision of orders.

Postponed upkeep and repair procedures result in major expenses down the line. Windermere Property Management will act immediately to take care of any maintenance needs. Your property will benefit from this in the long run.

Collecting Monthly Rent

Rent collection is harder than it seems. Time-consuming misunderstandings with tenants are common. Sometimes even the best tenants can forget to pay their rent on time or could face sudden financial hardships.

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When you hire Windermere Property Management, you'll benefit from timely rent collection for your investment properties. We will implement an efficient rent collection system that makes it convenient for your tenants to pay rent on time.

In addition to seamless payments, we'll go over the lease agreements to ensure the tenants understand clauses regulating rent collection. Our lease documents include late fee terms, bounced check policy, and other essential clauses.

Why Work With Us

When you hire Windermere Property Management, you won't have to contend with stressful and time-consuming landlord responsibilities. Instead, you can spend more time on your hobbies and other investments.

Our goal is to Make it Easy:

  • Your financial interests are always ahead of our own when we manage your property.
  • We respect all of our tenants and owners. Their needs and interests are our number one priority.
  • We always explain monthly expenses to our property owners.
  • We send friendly reminders to our tenants before serving legal notices.
  • We'll contact you immediately should there be any issues regarding your property.

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Spokane, Airway Heights, Liberty Lake, or Spokane Valley?

We would love to care for your property investment and work on realizing its long-term potential.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can achieve the best return on your investment with minimal effort!