Pricing Your Spokane Home to Rent - Everything to Consider

Determining rental rates is a skill. As a property owner, this skill will come in handy when renting out your Spokane home. According to our observations, certain factors influence the price of the property.

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You put a lot of effort into getting the property, so you want to ensure everything goes smoothly. You should find the following guidance helpful as you begin your career in real estate. In this manner, you can start to successfully build your rental property portfolio.

Here are some guidelines for how to determine rental rates for your properties:

Compare Rental Rates for Similar Properties in Your Market

When deciding how much to charge for your rental property, one of the most fundamental things to look at is competition.

How much are comparable homes selling for in the market? How long does it take each property to find a tenant? What features/services are provided by each rival property?

Make sure the units you're considering in your neighborhood are the same size and have comparable features. The comparison will be more accurate the closer these other homes are to yours.


It’s essential to limit the search to properties in the same market because comparable properties in other areas may sell for wildly different amounts.

You may create a baseline for what prospective tenants in your area can expect by learning what comparable units are renting for in the same market area.


One of the key factors to emphasize when valuing your rentals is location. The amount you charge to rent a house, an apartment complex, or other residential property relies on how convenient it is for people.

Renters seek quick access to places like eateries, schools, recreation, and public transportation in some areas. When you buy a rental property, knowing who your tenants will be will help you decide if the neighborhood will enable you to charge a reasonable rental fee.

For instance, you would know that the optimal location for your rental home would be close to parks, schools, and child-friendly businesses if families heavily populated the neighborhood.

The rental home should be convenient and close to public amenities that make the difference when a potential tenant compares your property to others.

Amenities and Appliances

Your rental will be more appealing if the appliances and amenities stand out in the market. Renters frequently emphasize modernized appliances that give rental units a fresh feel. Another important consideration for tenants is high-quality amenities.


Adding a washer and dryer, new flooring, and security systems can affect how much your rental property is priced. Tenant expectations for what is typically included in rent or tenant preferences for the market will vary depending on the rental market and submarket.

Tenants can expect to pay more in rent the more amenities your apartment provides. However, some facilities are particularly popular in some places, so lacking them can lower rental rates.


When putting your property up for rent, take into account the demand throughout the season you choose. For instance, the summer and early fall are the prime rental season.

Research the seasonal rent trends in your area because they differ from region to region.

Renting is preferable in some economic situations, while buying is preferable in others for residents. In order to account for either of these changes, you must modify your pricing.

You'll also need to be aware of changes in seasonality, housing demand, and price swings in your specific neighborhood.

Laws Governing Rent Control

It's critical to be knowledgeable about Spokane's zone rent laws. The amount of rent that can be charged to new tenants and the amount that rent can increase each year is normally capped by local and state-wide rent control legislation in some regions of the country.


Rent control or rent stabilization boards set rental standards and periodically modify them in several jurisdictions. Sometimes a building must have a specific number of units or be older than a given date in order for rent control to apply.

Make sure you thoroughly investigate any rent control laws that might be relevant to your Spokane rental property.

Age of the Property and Construction Style

Any property's rental cost will be influenced by its size and construction. You wouldn't charge the same rental price for an apartment as you would for a house.

The most valuable types of properties don't necessarily follow any rules. It will often change according to the region in which you are marketing your house.

Single-family homes are typically valued higher than other types. A property's age will also have an effect on its rental value. Your home will attract a greater rent the newer it is. Contrarily, tenants will be less likely to pay high rental costs for an old house.

A thoughtful property makeover can mitigate the signs of aging. Remodeling the property would be the finest course of action if you’ve owned it for a while and want to increase its worth.


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