Property Management Services

If you need professional property management services in Spokane or any of its surroundings, look no further than Windermere Property Management. We offer our services to the areas of Spokane, Liberty Lake, Airway Heights, and Spokane Valley.

Our goal is to make owning a rental property easy by delivering property management services beyond the expectations of our owners and tenants. The experience we have gathered over the years allows us to maximize the return on each of our client’s rental property investments.

We know that self-managing a rental unit is tiresome and demanding. By taking over your responsibilities, we help you reduce your stress levels and increase the amount of time you have for family, hobbies, or new investments.

Transparency, honesty, and courtesy are some of our key values as a company. For instance, we never serve legal notices to tenants before sending them friendly reminders. We build lasting relationships with our owners and renters when managing rental properties.

When you work with us, we’ll help you by taking over the following areas of property management:

Tenant Screening

Finding responsible and trustworthy tenants is a task that every self-managing landlord has to tackle. When you work with us, you can forget about this time-consuming and crucial procedure. We'll take care of it.

spokane rental property tenant screening

We will make sure that your tenants are not people likely to miss or delay rent payments, damage your property, or violate the terms of your lease agreement. Instead, you'll enjoy tenants who act responsibly and respect your property.

In order to make this happen, we use a thorough tenant screening procedure. By checking each applicant's background, our team ensures that your tenants meet the highest criteria. This will help you avoid future problems with them.

Here are some questions that we'll answer with our screening process:

  • What is the applicant's employment situation?
  • Has this person provided references from previous landlords or employers?
  • What is their credit score?
  • Does the applicant have any criminal background?
  • Is the person's financial history stable?

Rental Advertising

At Windermere Property Management, we put the best rental advertising methods to use to fill your vacancies quickly. Your rental property marketing plan will be made combining the use of the most effective online and offline approaches.

Our online approaches include listing your property on the top rental listing websites. On each of our listings, we include professional photos that highlight your property's most desirable amenities and attractive features.

spokane rental property advertising

Repairs and Maintenance

As a rental property owner, you need to ensure that the value of your properties won't drop. This means taking regular care of the appliances, flooring, exterior, and any other key areas or components of the property.

These upkeep responsibilities include responding to emergency requests. When hiring us, you can be sure that we'll immediately answer any of the tenants' messages or calls regarding emergency repairs.

Our responsiveness to emergencies comes into play when there are serious issues such as gas leaks or flooding. These problems may arise at any time. You can sleep soundly knowing that we'll take care of emergencies at any time.

Over our years in the property management industry, we have established a reliable network of contractors and vendors. Our network delivers outstanding work. Your rental properties will be repaired and maintained under the highest standards of excellence regarding service and responsibility.

Rent Collection

Rent collection is a procedure that many property owners underestimate. It's much more than just getting a monthly rental income. In reality, you may have to deal with tenant misunderstandings and late or even missed payments.

Sometimes rent disputes between tenants and landlords end up going to court, possibly resulting in evictions and other legal issues. Working together with Windermere Property Management ensures that you don't have to experience the stress of rent collection and the issues that arise with it anymore.

spokane rental property rent collection

Our efficient rent collection strategy rests on the drafting of lease agreements that include clauses regulating rent payments. We also provide tenants with convenient online payment methods that make it easy for them to pay the rent due.

Financial Reporting

Most property investors want to have a complete overview of their rental units' financial health. We provide you with all the financial reports you need to see the performance of your properties.

You'll gain access to all the financial reports you need, including the general ledger, balance sheet, bank statements, and income/expense sheets. Our financial reports can be accessed easily via the owner's portal online.

About Windermere Property Management

We provide full-service property management to owners in Spokane, Airway Heights, Liberty Lake, and Spokane Valley.

When you work with us, you can be sure that we'll take care of all the necessary paperwork, including lease agreement renewals. You'll gain complete insights into the performance and needs of your rental properties.

At all times, we represent your interests as a Spokane area property owner. We will make sure that we understand your needs and goals in order to protect your interests in negotiations and legal matters.

Working with Windermere Property Management allows you to have more free time and eliminate daily landlord responsibilities. We'll take care of your investment while you can focus on things that you love the most in life.