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Quality & Affordable Multi-Family Property Management Services

Do you own a multi-family rental property? Are you looking to hire a professional property management company? If so, Windermere Property Management can help. Windermere Property Management is a professional and reliable property management company that can take care of all your management needs.

By working with us, you'll no longer have to worry about the day-to-day duties of running your property. Among other things, we'll help you find a tenant, collect rent, handle repairs and maintenance, and everything in between. In other words, we're a one-stop shop for all-things property management.

So, if you're looking for a reliable property management partner, contact us by dialing (509) 467-2202 or by leaving us with your details here.

Our Property Management Services

Comprehensive, reliable and proven, our property management services are designed to meet all your worries. With our full-service property management company by your side, you'll no longer have to worry about filling your vacancies, collecting rent, screening tenants, maintaining your property and more.

The following are the property management services we can help you with.

1. We can help fill your vacant units.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with vacant units as they mean negative cash flow. And as you probably know, nothing kills a rental investment as fast as negative cash flow.

Windermere Property Management understands this!

That's why we have a robust marketing system in place. We help multi-family property owners fill their vacancies quickly. When marketing your rentals, our #1 goal is to fill your vacancies with desirable tenants and ensure you receive a positive cash flow.

Our marketing system involves making use of both traditional and conventional marketing tactics. The following are some of the methods we employ:

  • Placing yard signs
  • Posting to bulletin boards
  • Running social media ads
  • Listing your rental on top rental listing sites

In doing so, we increase our chances to rent your property fast.

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2. We can fill your units with desirable tenants.

We don't just rent your unit to any tenants. We are selective with the kind of tenant we place in your unit. We understand the ramifications of renting to problem tenants, so we only rent to tenants that meet our vigorous screening process.

Our vigorous screening process ensures placement of quality tenants. That is, tenants who can pay rent on time, care for your property, and renew their lease multiple times.

Our tenant screening process qualifies tenants based on a number of things, such as their monthly income. For example, we only rent to tenants that make at least 3X the monthly rent. This helps to greatly minimize issues of late or missed rent payments.

Another aspect of our screening process is analyzing the prospective tenant's creditworthiness. Our goal is to rent to tenants that are financially responsible. For that reason, we only consider tenants with a credit score of at least 670.

Also, our screening procedure checks prospective tenants' rental background. We require prospective tenants to provide us with a list of their previous landlords' contacts. Then, we call them to inquire about the tenant and their past behaviors.

Going through this process helps us select the best tenants for your rental. When we find a tenant who meets our expectations, we then allow them to sign the lease.

3. We can collect rent on your behalf.

If you have managed a property before, then you know that rent collection isn't always easy. This is especially true if you're dealing with multiple units and/or problem tenants.

Luckily for you, Windermere Property Management has the experience to ensure rent collection is as smooth as possible. Our goal in this regard is to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

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We can also help you determine how much rent to charge your tenants. Finding the right rental price is extremely important.

Overcharging your tenants will only make your tenants resent you, and this will lead to high tenant turnover rates. Undercharging your tenants is equally bad for business as it means not being able to maximize your ROI.

Windermere Property Management has the experience and tools to help you determine the perfect rent amount for your multi-family units. What's even better, our rental analysis is absolutely FREE for you.

4. We can take care of your property for you.

Whether you're short on time when it comes to looking after your property, whether you're an out-of-state investor who can't travel for upkeeping duties, or whether you lack the right contacts to help you maintain your property, we can help.

We will take care of your properties as if they were our own. Through regular maintenance and upkeep, and responding promptly to tenant requests for repairs, we will ensure your unit stays valuable.

5. We will provide you regular financial updates.

When you hire us, it doesn't mean that you'll lose control over how your property runs. At Windermere Property Management, we believe in keeping you involved with your properties.

Through an online portal, you'll have access to all important property documents to see how your property is financially performing.

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About Windermere Property Management

Windermere Property Management is a professional property management company that aims to deliver the ultimate property management experience for you, our client. Our reputation is based on quality services, unparalleled customer service, and proven results.

Our property managers are dedicated, experienced, and pay attention to details. Their #1 goal is to help you get the most out of your multi-family rental property.

Being a full-service property management company means we can help in all aspects of property management.

So, what are you still waiting for? Give us a call today. You can reach us by dialing (509) 467-2202 or by filling out this form.

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Areas We Serve

We service the areas of Spokane, Cheney, Medical Lake, Airway Heights, Liberty Lake, Deer Park, North Spokane, and Spokane Valley.