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Quality Property Management in Liberty Lake, Washington

Do you own a rental property in Liberty Lake, WA and require professional assistance? If so, look no further than Windermere Property Management.

At Windermere Property Management, our goal is to simplify real estate property management by keeping true to our promises. That is, to market your real estate properties effectively, rent to desirable tenants, conduct maintenance for your properties, and handle all renter issues.

We will put the experience we have gathered over the years to ensure we help you maximize your rental income.

We know how demanding and tiresome self-managing is, especially for a first-time landlord. By hiring us, a professional management company, to take over the property management of your Liberty Lake, WA. property, you'll not only decrease your stress, but you'll also free up your time!

Our Property Management Services

Our services are designed to help decrease your stress and increase your ROI. They include property marketing, renter screening, property maintenance, and rent collection.

Furthermore, they are fully customizable and focused on maximizing your income. Get in touch with us today by dialing (509)467-2202.

The following are the real estate services you can expect by hiring us.

1. Desirable Tenants

As a property owner, you want to find high-quality tenants to occupy your units. However, it's not as easy as you may think. By working with us, we will use our skills and experience to help you find some of the best tenants who will make their payments in a timely manner and take good care of your Liberty Lake home.

In order for this to happen, we put each renter through a thorough tenant screening process. Our screening process qualifies tenants based on various things, including:

  • Their amount of income. A renter that earns a higher income is, of course, more likely to pay their rent.
  • Their credit rating. A prospective tenant's income may not tell the entire story. Why? Because a renter may have a higher income but have considerable debt which may impair their ability to consistently pay. Running a renter's credit score through credit checking bureaus like Equifax helps us get the true picture of a tenant's finances.
  • Their rental history. We will also get in touch with the prospective tenant's previous landlords to get more information about them. We will ask if the prospective renter was faithful in paying rent and if they adhered to all lease terms.

2. Property Marketing

Are you having a hard time filling your Liberty Lake, WA rental vacancies? If so, Windermere Property Management can help. We'll use our best tried and tested marketing tactics to help you fill your vacant rentals quickly.

We do so with both online and offline marketing approaches. Our online approach includes doing things like running social media promotions and using top rental listing sites like,, and

On each of the listings, we make sure to make it as attractive as it can possibly be. We make use of high-quality photos that highlight the best features of your home.

As for offline strategies, that usually includes using tactics such as word-of-mouth advertising, yard signs, and posting on community bulletin boards.

Thanks to all these efforts, we can usually rent vacant rentals quickly to a desirable tenant.

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3. Property Repairs & Maintenance

At Windermere Property Management, we make it our business to care for your rentals. Basically, well-cared for real estate properties attract and retain quality tenants.

So, how exactly do we maintain your property? We do regular inspections.

  1. First, we inspect the home when the renter moves in. This helps us to document the condition of the home.
  2. Then, we inspect the unit when the seasons change, which helps us notice any small problems and fix them before they become bigger.
  3. The third inspection is when we happen to be driving by the home. This one helps us check for lease violations. For instance, whether a renter is keeping unauthorized guests.
  4. Finally, we inspect the unit when the renter moves out. Also known as a walk-in inspection, this one helps us document any property damage that exceeds normal wear and tear.

Besides regular inspections, our team is also quick to respond to maintenance requests.

4. Rent Collection

Rent is one of the most important tasks in the business operations of property management, yet it's a procedure that too many landlords underestimate.

If you hire us, collection issues will be a thing of the past. We will work to ensure you never get to experience the stress of rent collection and all related headaches.

One of our key strategies is ensuring your lease agreements are drafted perfectly. We also take the time to educate both new and existing tenants on its provisions.

5. Financial Reporting

Windermere property management is an honest, transparent and trustworthy property management company. We will provide you regular updates on your rental's financial health.

Thanks to an online portal, you'll be able to access vital financial reports conveniently anywhere and at any time. The reports will include bank statements, a balance sheet, a general ledger, and an income/expense report.

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Do any of these management services interest you? If so, contact us today.

About Liberty Lake, WA

Liberty Lake is a city in Spokane County, WA. It is in close proximity to Spokane Valley.

Liberty Lake, WA. is the financial, cultural, and retail center for a large area of Washington. According to census estimates, the city is estimated to have about 10,594 people. This makes it the 78th largest city in the state of Washington and the 269th in the entire country.

Source: Wikipedia

Areas We Serve

We offer our management services in the areas of Cheney, Medical Lake, Deer Park, Liberty Lake, Airway Heights, Spokane Valley and North Spokane.