Professional Property Management Services in Washington

Do you need professional management services for your Washington apartment complex? If so, Windermere Property Management can help. Based in Spokane, our team has a thorough knowledge of the local real estate industry.

Our customer service is high-quality and our goal is to bring comfort to our clients through our services. At Windermere Property Management, we are responsive, reliable, and efficient. You’ll also enjoy reasonable management rates while we help you to earn your ROI quickly.

At Windermere Property Management, we apartment residential homes, condominiums, and multi-family properties in Spokane, Airway Heights, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake areas. Our company advocates for transparency and our mission is to keep your apartments occupied with the best quality tenants we can find.

Give us a call today at (509) 467 2202 so we can discuss our customized solutions for your apartment management needs. We understand that each situation is unique and work with owners to find the best solution for them. For more information, visit our website at

Our Apartment Management Services

Managing an apartment complex is demanding and requires a lot of time and resources. You must have an efficient system in order to attend to a variety of needs from your multitude of tenants. Windermere Property Management can handle all of this for you. When you work with us, we’ll handle the following:

1. Completing All lease paperwork

Drafting a thorough lease agreement is fairly straight forward if you only have one tenant. In contrast, having an apartment complex with a high number of units requires more paperwork.

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Windermere Property Management will ensure that the lease agreements distributed to each tenant are detailed and legally compliant. This also makes it easier for us to enforce these terms later on!

2. Collecting Monthly Rent Payments

At Windermere Property Management, we prioritize monthly rent payments. We provide convenience to our client’s tenants with our range of payment channels. This allows them to pay online, at the office, or at any retail locations with a PayNearMe option.

If a tenant fails to make their rent payment, we follow an effective protocol to keep the situation under control while enforcing the terms of the lease agreement. Our clients will not have to get involved as we enforce the terms of the lease and adhere to the necessary legal procedures.

3. Showing Units to Prospective Tenants

Apartment complexes often face fairly frequent unit turnovers. Since tenants come and go, Windermere Property Management takes the responsibility of reducing our client’s vacancy rates as much as possible.

We market our client’s properties proactively, showing them to as many prospects as possible. Our team also makes sure that units are presentable upon the time of the showing so that they are more attractive to prospective tenants. Using these strategies, we’re able to fill our client’s vacancies as quickly as we can.

4. Ensuring the Facilities Meet State Safety Codes

In order to make sure your entire complex is safe, habitable, and meets all the necessary requirements, you need the proper resources. At Windermere, we always adhere to the local and state laws and uphold the property safety codes.

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Windermere Property Management has reliable systems that we use to make sure all tenant maintenance requests are received and completed in a timely matter. Our mission is to make sure that your tenants are safe at all times in your apartment complex.

5. Solving Tenant Conflicts

It takes a considerable amount of time to juggle the needs of multiple tenants in one complex. This is especially true if conflicts spring up between tenants. Windermere Property Management has the professional skills and experience to effectively resolve conflicts between tenants before they get out of hand.

We enforce the terms of all lease agreements fairly. If conflicts between tenants arise, we have several techniques to de-escalate them while maintaining our professionalism. Our team promotes respect and safety among our residents at all times.
Why Choose Windermere Property Management?

Windermere Property Management is a reputable property management company based out of Spokane, Washington. We have built a trustworthy reputation by paying attention to our clients and their individual needs.

Our objective is to attend to all the responsibilities of managing a property so that our clients can enjoy passive income without the stress that comes with being a landlord. Our team values transparency and professionalism, which directly translates into our customer loyalty.

Working with Windermere Property Management will provide you the assurance that you’re working with a team that prizes responsibility and integrity. We take care of all the major and minor details of managing your property while you get to reap the financial rewards. Contact us today to get started with our services!

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